Calendar of Events
(Bold Type  indicates required activity)

23-25                     Teacher Certification Program      (new teachers)
30-1st                    ALACTE Summer Conference
2nd                       NOCTI Exams- Tuscaloosa, AL Contact Dr. Kimbrell for more info
9th-10th                Postsecondary New Teacher Workshop-Shelton State CC

15th               Begin work on Statesman Award -       

24th                       Executive Advisory Committee Meeting/SkillsUSA Board Of                                        Directors Meeting-

1400 McCain Parkway | Pelham,AL

25th-                       Membership - Secure Section Membership                                 Packets to begin membership activities
3rd                         Program of Work - Begin assisting                                               students to develop a balanced Program of  Work and set up a calendar of meetings                                       and events to support and accomplish it.
                               Professional Development (PDP), Community Service, Ways and Means,  Employment, Social Activities, SkillsUSA Championships, Advocacy and Public  Relations
Note: Program of Work should be geared to completing Chapter Excellence Program (CEP) Application found at: Due
March 9th.

10th-11th              Teacher Certification Program Session B                                     (New Teachers)             
22nd– 26th         Washington Leadership Technical Institute (WLTI)
5th                           College Fall Leadership Conference-Jeff State – Shelby County
                                (College State Officers plan to arrive Oct. 4th)
25th-26th              Team Design and Build Contest (Tuscaloosa)
28th-30th               Fall State Officer JLDC Planning/ -Location    TBD
29th                      Executive Committee Meeting  
7th-9th                    NCCER ICTP - Birmingham            
9th-                        Fall Membership & Participation Fee *($150  per program) due
19 -21                   ACCA Conference for College Advisors/College State Officers
1st                        National Advisor of the Year  nominations.
3rd                       Board of Directors Meeting-Time & Location TBD
3rd-4th                 Joint Leadership Development Conference
8th -                      State Pin, Tee Shirt and Program Cover Contest opens
7th-10th              SW District Meetings - Conducted by Chris  Kennedy
                         7th -       3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.     Location TBA
                         8th -       3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.    Location TBA
                       NW District Meetings – Conducted by Keith  Andrews
                        7th -       Limestone County Career Technical  Center: Time- TBA
                        8th -       Northwest Shoals Communtiy College: Time TBA
                      SE District Meetings - Conducted by Chris  Kennedy
                        9th -       3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.     Location TBA
                      10th -    3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.    Location TBA
                      Central District Meetings – Conducted by Wanda                         Henry
                       9th -       3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.     Location TBA
                     10th -    3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.    Location TBA
                      NE District Meetings – Conducted by Bryan                                Upton
                      9th -       3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.     Location TBA
                     10th -    3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.    
                                    DeKalb County Technical Center
400 Main Street East
                                         Rainsville, AL 35986

22nd             District Conference Registration Opens
24th-25th     Cosmetology Technical Development Workshop-                              Shelton State CC-Dr. Kimbrell
25th             State Pin, Tee Shirt and Program Cover Contest                              Closes. Send all submissions to                                              
31st-1st-      Auto, Collision Technical Development Workshop,                         Bevil State Sumiton.  Contact: Dr.  Bob Kimbrell
1st- 28th -    Career and Technical Education Month
1st              Alabama State & District Officer Candidate Forms                          Deadline.   (submit to district advisor, SW and SE to                        Chris Kennedy, Central to Wanda Henry, NW to Keith                      Andrews and NE To Bryan Upton.
3rd- 10th -            SkillsUSA Week
7th-8th      Electrical, Electronics, IM, HVAC, Technical                                    Development Workshop, BEJATC Birmingham Contact:                 Dr.  Bob Kimbrell
14th – 15th    Teacher Certification Program Session E (New                               Teachers)
15th         All District Registrations Close for Contestants. (Substitutions may be made 1 week prior to event)

15th-      Final Membership Deadline- Membership Fees must                be sent to the National Office. Make checks out to                       “SkillsUSA”. Fees must be received by 2/22 to be eligible                 to compete at State and National events.
 20th       State and District Officer Interviews for SE NE Districts                   Locations TBD 3-5pm
21st        State and District Officer Interviews for Central, NW and                SW Districts Locations TBD 3-5pm
21st-22nd   Welding & Building Construction Technical                                      Development Workshop, Tuscaloosa.  Contact: Dr.                          Bob Kimbrell
1st               NorthWest District -Bevil Hamilton CC         
8th               Chapter Excellence Program (CEP) Application                               Deadline:                                excellence-program/
8th             SouthEast District Conference (Wallace CC                                Dothon)  
                 NORTHEAST District Conference (Drake                                     CC)
15th          SouthWest  District Conference (Bishop State CC)                      &
                  Central District Conference (Bevil Sumiton CC)
18th-         Registration Open for State SkillsUSA Leadership                     Conference, Championships and Career Expo
27th         State Conference Registration Closes to Contestants                  for State Competitions.
27th        State Conference Hotel Registration Closes
31st-2nd   State Officer Training for State Conference-                                Pelham, AL
1st          SkillsUSA Board of Directors  Meeting/Executive                             Committee Meeting
1st-         National Technical Honor Society Scholarship                                   Applications due. 
 30th-      Sharon Melton Myers Memorial Scholarship Application due.
 15th-17th             Alabama SkillsUSA Leadership Conference,                              Championships and Career Expo.
                            Birmingham, Al
 1st-                        National Officer Candidate applications due
1st -                       Mike Rowe Scholarship applications due.
 2nd-                         National Courtesy Corps, (NLSC Form 1) )
5th-11th-                National Week of Community Service
8th-                         National Founders Day, May 8th, 1965 
10th-                       National Deadline for Contestants                                                    Registration.  (Online National Website)
                              National Conference Registrations/Personal                                   Liability Release, (NLSC Form 1) and (Form 11) 10th-                       SkillsUSA Alumni and Friends Merit                                               Scholarship Nominations
10th-                       Advertising Design and Graphic                                                     Communications Travel Scholarship: (NLSC                                      Form10)        
10th-                    Deadline for National Conference Registration                               (Family, Friends, Administrators, Alumni)
10th-                       TeamWorks Travel Scholarship Registration, (NLSC Form 3)
 30th                State officer Meeting-Pelham Area
31st-                Deadline for All fees:  National Registration, Hotel                            fees, Bus fees.                                                        All checks are to be made out to Alabama SkillsUSA and mailed to State office
1st-                        Timberland Community Service Project Online                                Applications, (NLSC Form 7)
9th-13th                 CTSO Leadership Summit Montgomery, TBD –                              HS State Officers Only
22nd – 24th         Leverage, Activate, and Engage Training for                                   state Officers, potential officers, and advisors in                               Louisville KY
24th – 29th         National Leadership Conference and Skills                                      Championships, Louisville KY


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