Exceptions to Feb. 15th Membership Deadline

Contests that are allowing  1-3 or 2-4

American Spirit Is now a Team of 3
Chapter Display Is now a Team of 3
Interactive Application and Video Game Development  Is now a Team of 2
Occupational Health and Safety – Single: Is now a Team of 3
Occupational Health and Safety – Multiple: Is now a Team of 3
Outstanding Chapter Is now a Team of 3
Promotional Bulletin Board: Is now a Team of 3
Alabama SkillsUSA Code of Conduct

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Alabama Contests Rules and Scoresheets

(These contests are not National Level Contests and do not advance to the National SkillsUSA Championships)

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Cosmetology Quiz Bowl (revised april, 2018) (TEAM of 5)
Men's Hair Design is now Barbering-Follow National Technical Standards

National Technical Standards         
All SkillsUSA professional members receive the Technical Standards when they submit membership along with a valid email address.

 "SkillsUSA Knowledge Test" is based on the SkillsUSA Career Essentials:  Foundations.  Resources for the Career Essentials:  Foundations is included with professional membership. 
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Alabama SkillsUSA Knowledge Test Study Guide

SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards and other materials will be provided through a digital delivery system.

SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards will also be available as a separate download for $49.95 if you are not a professional member.

National Scorecards for Contests
Follow these link to find official contest score cards for nationals contests.

State Scorecards for Alabama Only Contests


Links to Contest Information                                         CP14

3-D Visualization and Animation
Action Skills (HS Only)
Additive Manufacturing
2018 Contest Information, Revised 4-4-2018
Advisor of the Year
Email your nominations to: skillsalabama@gmail.com
Advertising Design 2017 Contest Scenerio
American Spirit
Architectural Drafting
Automated Manufacturing Technology
Contest Update, Revised 4-3-2018
Automotive Refinishing Technology 2018 Refinishing Update
Automotive Service Technology 2018 Auto Update
Aviation Maintenance Technology
Update Letter, 4-20-18
Career Pathway Showcase 
Carpentry, 2018 District Info
Chapter Business Procedure                
Chapter Display
Class Project Display Individual
Class Project Display Team- (TEAM of 3)
CNC Milling  Specialist
CNC Turning Specialitst
CNC Technician (Precision Machining Technology)
Collision Repair Technology Collision Update 2018
Community Service
Computer Programming
Cosmetology 2018 Cosmetology Update
Cosmetology Quiz Bowl 2018 Cosmetology Update
Crime Scene Investigation
Criminal Justice
Culinary Arts
Customer Service
Diesel Equipment Technology 2018 Diesel Update
Electrical Construction Wiring (Residential)
 No tools will be furnished.  Students must bring their own tools.
State Update, Revised 4-12-18
Electronics Technology
Engineering Technology/Design

Esthetics 2019 Makeup theme is –  Optical Illusion.

Extemporaneous Speaking
First Aid/CPR
Graphic Communications
Health Knowledge Bowl
Health Occupations Professional Portfolio
State Information Update, Revised 3-21-18
Industrial Motor Control   No tools will be furnished.  Students must bring their own tools.
State Update, Revised 4-12-18
Information Technology (Computer Maintenance Technology)
Job Information Manual
Job Interview (sample resume)
Job Skill Demonstration A 
Job Skill Demonstration Open
State Information Letter, Revised 3-27-18
Medical Math
Medical Terminology
Men's Hair Design
Motorcycle Service Technology 2018 Motorcycle Update
Nail Care 2018 Cosmetology Update
Opening and Closing Ceremonies
Outstanding Career Technical Student (Mr.&Ms SkillsUSA)
Outstanding Chapter
Power Equipment Technology 2018 PE Update
Practical Nursing
Prepared Speech
Principles of Engineering/Technology
Promotional Bulletin Board
Quiz Bowl Link to National Resources
Related Technical Math
Robotics and Automation Technology- Rules
State Pin Contest (Can advance to Nationals)
State Program Cover
State Tee Shirt Design Contest
Technical Computer Applications
Technical Drafting, 2018 Info Sheet, 2017 Example
Telecommunications Cabling  fiber optic tools will be provided
Television (Video) Production
Web Design
Welding -
2019 District Letter
2019 District Prints
2019 Study Sheet
District 2018 Cover Letter,
2018 District Info,
2018 District Prints,
1st year Print,
Score Sheet,
Written Test,
2018 District Update
High School State Information Letter, Revised 3-26-18
State Welding Prints for High School and Post Secondary, Revised 3-22-18  
2018 Post Secondary Cover Letter, revised 2-26-18 
All Welding Orientation Meetings are moved to East Ballroom B
 Welding Fabrication,
Information Letter, Revised 3-21-18
2018 Fabrication Project
Welding Sculpture, Info Sheet, Contest Guidelines

Alabama Dress Code

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