Alabama SkillsUSA Partners:

Business and Industry partners are vital to the success of our organization, which is providing our workforce with trained and prepared workers across numerous technical areas. Business and Industry partners drive SkillsUSA by providing us with the guidance and resources to meet the demands of their industry.

We have opportunities for partnership in our advisory committee, chairing or judging competitions, sponsoring a session, providing travel scholarships to state winners, volunteering at district or state conferences, and much more.

Being involved with SkillsUSA has proven to be a very rewarding investment for our business partners. They enjoy watching students succeed in competition and many students have even been hired during conferences. Please see the list below for our current industry partners (IN CONSTRUCTION). If you would like more information about becomiong a SKillsUSA Partner, please click here to download an informational flyer.

Platinum Sponsors:

Gold Sponsors:

Silver Sponsors:

Bronze Sponsors:

List coming soon.

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