National Leadership and Skills Conference

The National Leadership Conference and SkillsUSA Championships will be held in Atlanta, GA, on June 24th – 28th, 2024. This is your invitation to register with the Alabama SkillsUSA Association and attend this exciting and educational conference.

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We will be housed in the Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel, 265 Peachtree Center, Atlanta, Georgia, 30303. Your rooms are reserved through the Alabama SkillsUSA Association on a first-come, first-served basis. Contestants and delegates will be given top priority We have a very limited accommodations but our attempts to increase the number and size of our room block have been to no avail. ALL Alabama contestants, secondary and postsecondary, must stay at the Marriott.

Hotel Reservations

  • Please, designate one person per school to submit Hotel Reservations. This will cut down on multiple invoices.
  • Rooms indicating 1 or 2 person’s occupancy will be assigned a King Room. (1 King Bed)
  • Rooms indicating 2, 3 or 4 person’s occupancy will be assigned a Double Room (2 beds).
  • Each room will be invoiced for 5 nights minimum $1,160 per room. (Check-in Mon. June 24th, check-out June 28th)
  • The names of each person assigned to the room MUST be listed on the Hotel Reservation Form.
  • If additional nights are required, each night will be invoiced $232 per night per room.
  • Each school is responsible for the Hotel Reservations for Spouses, children and any other family members. You may submit a separate form just for Family Members if necessary.
  • Deadline for Hotel Reservations Submission May 14th
  • Deadline for Payment: Checks to be post-mark by May 20th
  • Make a Credit Card Payment

Room rates are for check in June 24th, 2024 and check out June 28th, 2024. Hotel check-in is 3:00 pm Eastern Time. Come to the front lobby and look for the “Alabama Registration” sign. One instructor from each school should be assigned to pick up Registration Packets for the entire school. Please do not bring students to the Registration Room. The Registration Room will be open from 3:00 pm till 6:00 pm on June 24th. Anyone wishing to check in earlier or out later will go directly to the front desk. Credit cards may be required for parking and other incidentals. Payments must be made directly to the hotel for any additional expenses before checkout.

If you need assistance contact Ashley Crum

Deadline for Registration is May 11th 11:59 pm.

Recipients will be notified as soon as we are aware that funds will be available for a particular contest. If there are any travel scholarships available, those that are eligible will be notified as quickly as soon possible. Please plan for all funds to be secured without Alabama SkillsUSA financial support until you hear from the state office informing you otherwise. All checks should be postmarked no later than May 20th.

Billing and Invoicing:

Make checks out to Alabama SkillsUSA

Mail checks to:

Alabama CTSO

P.O. Box 31440

Owasso, OK 74055

Postmarked by May 20th

You may submit credit card payments here.


Use your Wufoo Hotel Reservation Form as your initial invoice for your Hotel.

Use the NLC Registration Invoice that you can print after you hit Submit Registration for your Registration invoice.

The same with any ADD ON Fees such as Bus Seating, Trading Pins, use the Wufoo Forms as an Invoice.

Any scholarship or stipends will be subtracted from your total bill and invoices will be emailed out after May 11th.

Send any invoicing questions to

Conference Registration

Full Conference Registration is $245 per person and includes the following:

    • Entrance to Opening Session
    • Full access to competition floor
    • Admission to TECHSPO
    • Admission to SkillsUSA University Workshops
    • Entrance to Recognition Session
    • Entrance to Champions Festival
    • Bus transportation between the hotel and conference
    • Entrance to the Awards Session (Awards Passes will not be sold)
    • Admission and Meal to the Alabama Orientation meeting Monday June 24th
    • One Alabama National Conference Tee-shirt
    • One Alabama Trading Pin

Everyone (wives, husbands, children, observers, etc.) must pay registration and will not be allowed to attend meetings without the name tag that is received upon registration.

Children under 12 years old must register to receive a badge credential and will receive free access to the conference floor, SkillsUSA TECHSPO and Champions Festival. Session tickets for children not included with free registration.

This means they cannot attend the Opening Session, Awards Session or Alabama meals without a full paid Registration

  • National Education Team Members need to register as (Hotel Only)
  • Bus Drivers or Family members that do not plan on attending any events may register as (Hotel Only)
  • Hotel Only registrants will not receive a Name Badge. (this allow us to place them in our hotel block)


Registration Instructions:  (Use a computer to register, NOT a phone, Ipad, or Chromebook device.)

  1. Please have one person if possible to register all attendee from each school!
  2. Students should not register themselves.
  3. Advisors will login to the National SkillsUSA website to register:  click on Join and Login using your instructor login and password.
  4. Select Conference
  5. Select Add Registrant
  6. Select Registration Type:  Register All Advisors and Administrator first
  7. Select School
  8. Select Advisor to Register:  If Advisor or Administrator’s name does not show, type it in the boxes
  9. Select Save and Continue (this will take you to “Registrant Detail Info” page)
  10. Complete all required information. Correct any spelling in the Names.
  11. Scroll to the bottom of the page, Click on “I Agree” for the Liability Form.
  12. Click on SAVE Registration
  13. Repeat for each Advisor and Administrator before entering Students.
  14. Select Contestant
  15. Select Member to Compete: (the name must show up under the pulldown as a paid member to compete)
  16. Select Division:  (HS, College) or (If Dual enrolled be sure to select HS)
  17. Select Contest:  (Make sure you select the correct contest name from the National List) VERY IMPORTANT
  18. Note:  If a Team Code pops up do not change it.  Just be sure to enter your entire team to the same “Letter”
  19. Select Save and Continue: (this will take you to “Registrant Detail Info” page)
  20. Complete all required information. Correct any spelling in the Names.
  21. Scroll down to Registrant Options
  22. Check any Option that may apply: State Officer, National Officer Candidate, PVSA Recipient
  23. Add On Events:  Check if you will participate in the Community Service Project on Friday
  24. Also Attending? Pulldown if attending Leverage, Engage or Activate.
  25. Scroll to the bottom of the page, Click on “I Agree” for the Liability Form.
  26. Click on SAVE Registration
  27. Repeat until all contestants are registered.
  28. DO NOT Select the Submit Registration until you have completely finished ALL your registrations.
  29. You may Login several times or even days before you are ready to finally select SUBMIT REGISTRATION, but when you do it will send you an Invoice for your total Registration.  It will be emailed to the email address in your billing address of your chapter.  You may want to check to see if your Billing Address is correct before you begin.



The following deadlines must be met:

May 11th Registration Form – Must be submitted online (go to www.

May 20th Registration Fee – $245 per person must be postmarked to Alabama SkillsUSA by May 20th

May 27th Registration is refundable prior to May 27th. Must have confirmed email from Lisa Bruce.

May 11th Hotel Reservation Form must be submitted Online via WuFoo form.

May 20th Hotel Fees must be post marked and mailed to Alabama CTSO.

May 20th Registration Fees must be post marked and mailed to Alabama CTSO


Please refer to the national website at