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Develop the Future Workforce

We all want to make a difference with our lives, but life gets busy and time seems to disappear. But what if you could help the next generation of leaders with just a few hours of your time?

Join us at the Alabama SkillsUSA State Leadership and Skills Conference and share your expertise and advice with the next generation of leaders. Students need your experience, wisdom, and stories to become the best leaders they can be. Judging is easy, because you already have the skills and expertise needed to do it. Judging competitive events requires a one-day commitment, and you’ll be guiding students towards success in college and their future careers. Come for a few hours or make it an annual event––either way, leave knowing you made an impact.

  • April 22-24, 2024

  • Mobile Convention Center, Mobile Alabama

Share Your Expertise and Shape Emerging Leaders

As a judge, you get to sit down with multiple students throughout the day and watch their presentations unfold. It is so important to note, that the students have spent all year working on these presentations and have raise funds so that they could get to this point. Your duty as their judge is to highlight their awesome roses, and discuss some of the thorns, because that is how they get to grow. YOU are the person that gets to see their year’s worth of work, YOU are the one they are preparing these projects for, and YOU are why they are currently fundraising for this conference.

Your Day as a Competition Judge

Hear from Engaged Community Leaders Just Like You

Having the opportunity to see the work that is being produced by these students is an incredible experience. These students are truly paving the future of our workforce in Alabama.

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For Architecture and Construction and IT, please contact Lisa Bruce at
For Arts, A/V Technology and Communications, please contact Ben Scheierman at
For Cosmetology and Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security, please contact Carla Plyler at
For Manufacturing and Transportation, Distribution and Logistics, please contact Tripp Marshall at
For Leadership Contest, please contact Keith Andrews at