Career Expo

Discover Your Future Career with the Worlds of Work

Alabama SkillsUSA has partnered with AIDT and Central Six AlabamaWorks to present our annual Career Expo! 8-12th grade students from across Alabama are welcome to visit the expo for a hands-on interactive career exploration experience.

This industry-led initiative pulls together more than 50 regional companies to showcase “Worlds of Work”. Each World is led by a chairperson, called a “World Leader,” who engages companies within the respective industry to create the central element of the expo – the hands-on activities. Worlds will engage partners, identify careers to highlight, and create hands-on interactions that link careers to the classroom. Visiting the event for just under two hours, students pick their favorites of the Worlds to visit and learn about careers available close to home.

This year’s expo will represent: Construction, Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare, Hospitality & Tourism, Information Technology and Public Service & Safety.

Participation is completely free.

Student Leaders
Companies Present
Unforgettable Experience

It is important for my students to see various professionals represent their career. Students often want to pursue a career in what they know. When they see a professional in a career they are unfamiliar with, it creates an opportunity for my students to learn about a pathway that could possibly lead to a high-demand and high-wage career that was never an option before they attended the event.”


Join Us at Worlds of Work