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Study Guide 

Contestants Preparing for District and State Competition

1st,   Instructors should have Logged into Absorb and printed out the Technical Standards for each contest that your student is competing in.  JOIN

State Contests that DO NOT advance to Nationals, are listed as State Only Contests or ALABAMA Only Contests.  This rules are found on the Alabama Website: Contest Alabama Only Events   Then Click on Contest Rules

2nd Instructors should download the judges score sheets for each contest:

3rd Each student should bring a minimum of 3 printed resumes to their contest area.

4th Be prepared to take a 20 question SkillsUSA knowledge test.

National Study Guide:

Study information from the Alabama Website:

  •         People
  •         Places
  •         Events
  •         Dates
  •         Theme

5th Know what to wear!  Go the Official SkillsUSA Clothing Chart to see what to wear for each contest.

6th Make sure you have the proper tools and supplies needed to bring to your competition.  See your Technical Standards or contact your State Contest Coordinator.

7th Practice, Practice, Practice.  Time yourself.  District contests will last approximately 3 hours.   State Contests run from 3 to 6 hours.

8th Be ready to tell something about yourself and your occupational training area.

9th Be ready to tell someone why SkillsUSA is important to you as a career technical student.

10th Be on time and ready to perform.